Do you think there is a need for a New Christology? PLEASE POST on this topic IN ANY WAY YOU PLEASE

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Do you think there is a need for a New Christology? PLEASE POST on this topic IN ANY WAY YOU PLEASE

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by Joe Conti, Ph.D.

"No one puts a piece from a new garment on an old garment, or else he will tear the new, and also the piece from the new will not match the old" (Luke 5:36.)

Do any of these oft-preached themes of ‘popular’ Christology make sense to you?

1. We are born ‘wounded’ by Original Sin or, worse, we are born in a state of “depravity” due to Original Sin, the latter view courtesy of John Calvin’s Christology. (Doesn’t spiritual intuition tell you, rather, that we are born “theocentric”, i.e., with God as our soul’s Center?)

2. The Incarnation was a remedy for Original Sin? (Rather, do you see Christ’s coming as definitive revelation of EVERYMAN’s highest human potential, i.e., of EVERYMAN’s destiny in the God?)

3. The full role of Christ is that of Savior. (Isn’t that a narrow view of Christ? For didn’t the LOGOS, the eternal “divinity” of Christ, pre-exist Jesus as the Divine Intelligence which LOGOS, even now, gives rise to all creation, and shines through the cosmos, as the “Cosmic Christ”?)

4. The true significance of Jesus death was payment for sin your sins and mine. (Don’t you sense a deeper, mystical meaning to the death of Christ?)

5. Jesus was not transformed at all during his life because the “Person” of Christ is God, the Immutable. (How is Jesus be “truly human” if the highest human capacity IS for transformation by divine grace, and he underwent no transformation?)

6. Jesus’ relation to humanity at large is that of the great Exception. (Rather, isn’t Jesus the great EXEMPLAR of the Way?)

7. Heaven will consist in our seeing Jesus in glory “seated at the right hand of the Father”. (Aren’t we transformed in heaven beyond the dualism of ‘us, Jesus, and God the Father‘? Won’t we be indistinguishable from Christ ‘in heaven’, Knowing EVEN AS CHRIST KNOWS the inner Life of the Trinity?)

I’ve listed merely seven holes in the fabric of popular Christology.
What would you add, from a contemplative point of view? What inconsistencies, trivialities, and untenable views do you see in popular Christology today-- views unworthy of the Mystery of Christ?
I do hope you will share your thoughts on this in the comment section (or other posts).
I look forward to reflecting on them and gathering them into a Part 2, of this posting.


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