Standard depictions of the Trinity many of us grew up with....

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Standard depictions of the Trinity many of us grew up with....

Post by CGT on Tue Aug 01, 2017 3:42 pm

Of course, this standard, 'popular' depiction of "the Trinity" is nearly entirely misleading.  

Contrast that depiction with the sublime Trinity found in the mystical theology of the Church fathers, such St. Irenaeus of the second century:

“God -
the glorious Transcendent;

the powerful, illuminating and transforming Holy Spirit;

the divine knowing and intelligent Wisdom of the Creator and Logos,
each revelation being the fullness of God”.

The "Father" is not an Old Man with a Beard-- the "Father", Irenaeus affirms is the "glorious Transcendent" Dimension of God.

The "Son" is not a young celestial male with a smaller beard-- rather, the "Son" is the Eternal Logos, which is God's Intelligence existing from eternity, so of course prior to "Christ" or Jesus.  (There was no "humanity" at the creation of the universe, just God-- so Christ --the oneness of created humanity and Divinity-- did not exist from all eternity.  

No man, including Jesus, is the Logos; and Jesus did not create the cosmos. The Logos is God's Knowing through which all things came to be'(John 1).
The cosmos was created by the Trinity,
according to the Divine Will (the "Father")
through the Divine Intelligence (the Logos ),
and by the Divine Power, the Holy Spirit.

There is so much more to be said on the Trinity, which Essence is three "hypostases" (poorly, quite misleadingly, translated today "Three Persons").

 This site is dedicated to sharing the profound mystical theology of the Trinity found in the writings of the Fathers, and in the the literature of Christian mysticism into our time because there is no possibility of clarity on Christ apart from clarity on the Trinity.


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Transcending Speculative Disciplines

Post by lukefromdenver on Mon Aug 07, 2017 12:52 am

Analyzing the revelations of the saints is a great pastime. I believe thoroughly in constantly seeing, hearing, reading, thinking, and worshiping, etc, as enjoined by the scriptures themselves. Yet, these scriptures offer systems to transcend 'mental knowing' or Reason/logos (jnana in Sanskrit/Vedic systems). How can we apply this wisdom?, instead of merely memorizing the systems and re-living them through the mental platform of artistic/poetic/academic processes: the speculative approach. What is the reason/goal for the daily practitioner of the system?

The goal is to remain constantly in service unto God, for this is the natural state of the jiva (or individualized portion of Atma/soul as expressed into manifested reality, which stands apart from the Ever-present Reality of which Atma is the energy expression/form). And the How is complex and simple at once: to love.

There are natural obstructions to accessing one's internal love. The systems one memorizes, paints, voices in song or prose, sculpts, interprets in psychic projections, or has revealed in energetic intensifications called 'mystical', etc, are the link, the door to the world enjoined in by the saints of every age, clime, culture, and gender. The evidence of the beauty of the revelation (which can occur daily, we are instructed and encouraged) is literally everywhere, but spectacularly concentrated in some places/objects/systems, and the beauty is evocative of the true Spiritual Essence. Yet the evidence is meaningless at times, isn’t it?

The systems are imperfect. Indeed, they can only be experienced beyond description. Only, there is often a block—depression, or despondency—what is it and how does it manifest, what are its attributes? Sometimes we cannot love ourselves, sometimes we cannot love others, or no one at all. Sometimes there is the emergence of a sort of fundamentalism in the way we practice; a hollow, rigidity devoid of joy and personal connection. This is when speculative/mental processes break down and stop working, and why they seem silly or simplistic to ‘uninitiated’ persons; one begins to see the strings attached to the puppets for what they are: symbols. Nothing more. No connectedness to a grand design—The Puppeteer—all but an imagined prospect of dozens you can suddenly consider.

This is why The Practice enjoined in, or taught, must include physiological methods, utilizing the temple of the body as the means of liberation from illusion, to use the energy system of this temple to shatter the onset of doubt, injustice, anger, disloyalty, greed, and lust prior to their fully obstructing the Sun of Spirit in an eclipse of the soul qualities of adherence to positivity, abstention from degrading human habits (meat-eating and intoxication chief among them), self-control, the warmth of personal courage, freedom from pride and destiny/birth-advantage, etc. By approaching life from the standpoint of energy-conductivity, versus logical cyphering, we not only free up The Practice to all intelligences, but guarantee the goal is met without rigorous mental exercise which may be blocked.

It is the rigorous mental exercise, however, that is easily marketed and capitalized in our day and age. Hence, this is the ‘taught’ method, the speculative-academic approach, which may or may not work in all psychological concoctions of emotions, sexual impulse, subconscious (buried) impressions, and latent and abject desire-seeking. The energetic approach requires the utilization of love of God, and therefore the speculative process is obviously useless, because God is beyond the mind and its limitations and descriptions. God is an experience.

How can we have this experience? Our love must develop to the point where God Himself manifests before our eyes. THIS IS NOT A SPECULATIVE/METAPHORICAL/SYMBOLIC EXPERIENCE, IT IS FLESH AND BLOOD, FACE TO FACE, YOU AND GOD.

The energetic process says this: you are only separate from God because of energies that block your vision. We call this ‘dark energy’, or material energy (‘Maya’ in Sanskrit/Vedic). We are invited to remove or dissolve this dark energy by producing Light energy within the temple of our bodies, in the true transubstantiation of body and blood (ours) into Spirit. The living Eucharist is what the Yoga of Patanjali has coined ‘pranayama’, or energy control/transmutation.

Because behind every particle of dark energy lies its Atmic source (Spiritual foundation), it is through the ‘churning’ of this dark energy (milk curd) that the Light energy (butter) is released. Simply, in each portion of air you bring into your body (and food and drink and energies of the company we keep) there is darkness and Light. By arousing the air and breath through focused methods, the Light within the darkness is released into the body/temple, renewing and rejuvenating, and thereby removing all mental obstructions to love.

It is through practice of the energetic method that the barriers to loving—disease, mental distress, sexual perversity, selfishness, avarice, covetousness, and greed—are broken down, by an energetic, as opposed to religious, conversion. And it is quite simple and free of charge. It requires only practice and a bit of direction to begin. But this instruction can only be given out of love, not for a profit motive. Thus in our time and clime, this true method is perhaps the most rare and expensive jewel of all.


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Re: Standard depictions of the Trinity many of us grew up with....

Post by Admin on Mon Aug 07, 2017 10:05 am

Hi Luke,
I appreciate your posting. Can you please write a post explaining how your above quote relates to the topic of depictions of Trinity that obscure rather than clarify?


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Re: Standard depictions of the Trinity many of us grew up with....

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