What significance does the Logos have for you as a Christian contemplative?

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What significance does the Logos have for you as a Christian contemplative?

Post by Admin on Tue Jul 25, 2017 11:28 am

The Logos is that hypostasis of the Trinity which is omnipresent in creation as the Divine Intelligence or even Divine Architect.  To the 14th century mystic, Blessed Julian of Norwich, Christ vividly revealed Himself as the Logos which renews universal creation each moment.  In one “showing,” as she called her mystical experiences, she was given to understand of the Logos in this way:  

"See!  I am in everything!
See! I never lift my hands off my works,
nor will I ever.
See! I lead everything toward the purpose
for which I ordained it, without beginning,
by the same Power, Wisdom, and Love by
which I created it."

For me, discovering the Logos as the 'mystery of nature', so God Omnipresent AS the "Divine Christ", in traditional terminology, was such an aid to prayer life.  It inspired me to go inwardly quiet in nature to be open to the Silent Logos the Source as God of all the lush sounds of nature, well as all forms of the natural world (as the Logos traditionally in Platonism, I believe, is One the "Eternal Form" behind the infinite splendor of all natural forms.  To find the Logos as God Omnipresent, Eternal Form, in which all nature subsists is precious gift to the Christian contemplative.  I would also use affirmations when in nature, such as, "Christ is here....Christ is here..." mentally repeating this with eyes open, inviting the Silence as Logos.  

Is this your experience, too, of Logos in nature? What does "the Logos" mean to you? How do you invite the Presence of God as Logos?


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